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About Us

Empowering Families

Hello, my name is  Dr. Kelly Robinson and I am a speech language pathologist and the owner of Strong Link Therapy Services. Strong Link Therapy Services is located in Kennesaw, Georgia and has served the surrounding community for many years. The mission of Strong Link Therapy is to connect families to knowledge to feel empowered to improve their child’s communication and development. 


Our Story
When I was a young child, while attending my great grandmother's birthday party. I remember seeing tears stream down her face as she struggled to speak after we sang happy birthday to her.  I would never forget the frustration that I saw on her face and the pain that it brought to my heart that she was unable to use words like the rest of us.  That was the beginning of my interest in understanding the brain and how it allows us to communicate.  It is what led me to my current passion, empowering families and children through communication.

Meet Dr. Kelly Robinson

Our Clients

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