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           My name is Dr. Kelly Robinson

 I am a speech language pathologist with over 25 years of experience that spans across various adult and pediatric neurogenic communication disorders.  My passion is parent and family coaching to help children succeed across all environments.

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Empowering YOU

Speech Language Therapy Services

                                                                Coming Up Next

We are excited to introduce  Therapeutic Engaged Activities (T.E.A.) Time for Children                                                      With Dr. Kelly Robinson, CCC-SLP


We are excited to announce a caregiver training and coaching program that is designed to teach caregivers how to use daily routines to stimulate language development in young children.  The training program can be offered face to face or online and can be offered to groups of 5 and up to 50 participants at a time.T.E.A time with Dr. Robinson is ideal for individuals who are interested in being empowered to improve a child’s communication and language development across naturally occurring routines.

Participants will receive expert and evidence based advice on how to enhance child communication and language development. Each participant will leave the training with and handbook and knowledge on the following:


                                                                . Using Language Across Daily Routines,

                                                                           . Baby Talk  0 to 2 years,

                                                                           .Toddler Talk 2 to 4 years,

                                                                           . Kid Talk  4 to 12 years,

                                                                            . Stimulation Strategies,

                                                                            . Is this Behavior Typical? 


Let’s talk about how you can improve a child’s communication skills across daily routines. Now is the time to captain your loved one’s communication journey and chart a path to progress and empowerment.  Please let me know how I can support you or your organization, one sip at a time!​




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